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Rental Car Manager brings real benefits to all aspects of your business.

Whether it is the ease of use for your operators or the convenience to customers being able to book directly from your website, Rental Car Manager will make a difference. When checkout time arrives Rental Car Manager ensures staff are able to process bookings quickly and efficiently.

However Rental Car Manager is much more than just a vehicle booking system; it provides vehicle maintenance and servicing tracking, infringement processing, in depth reporting analysis and interfaces seamlessly with third party systems.

With an easy to learn, intuitive workflow, your staff will spend less time on administrative tasks and be able to focus on what really matters, providing exceptional customer service.

Cost savings

Rental Car Manager is the most cost-effective solution for vehicle rental operators. With zero implementation costs and immediate accessibility you will see your operational costs diminish from day one.

Keep track of maintenance

The ‘Fleet Manager’ tool ensures that your scheduled vehicle maintenance is tracked and reported on efficiently. This means fewer vehicle breakdowns, reduced maintenance costs and increased fleet utilisation.

Save staff admin time

Ensuring your operational staff are able to respond quickly to customer booking requests and over the counter hires is vital to any rental vehicle business. With Rental Car Manager’s simple, easy to use screens and minimal training requirements your staff will waste no time getting to know Rental Car Manager.

Cloud based security and easy access

Rental Car Manager was developed with security in mind. Support for services such as two factor authentication guarantee a secure experience when using Rental Car Manager.

We know accessibility is important to our users which is why we have created a totally web based solution that is accessible on not just desktop but phones and tablets also.

Software support

We realise the importance of software support, which is why our team of support people are dedicated to ensuring that your issues and questions are answered in a timely manner. Support is only ever a call or email away.

Along with our extensive knowledge base and documentation and you will never be without help.


Innovation in business technology is important in ensuring that you are ahead of the competition. Our team of developers and analysts are constantly releasing new and innovative features designed to keep you ahead.

Whether it is new API’s for your developers and agents or mobile pages for your customers, there are always new features being released. Being web based allows delivery of this technology to you in a seamless and timely manner. No upgrades or local installs, just log in to see the latest updates and features. You can also have customised pages and features built at your request.

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